My Learning Objectives for 2013

Long Term Professional Objectives

At the age when many people start thinking about retirement, my long term professional objective is to continue working at least 30 hours/week for the next 10 years in a job that focuses on employee learning and performance in an organization (or organizations) whose mission and values are consistent with mine.  I am fortunate to have such a position now and want to embrace continuous learning so that I add increasingly significant value.  I would like to be compensated at a level that will enable me to retire in about 10 years, and want to have enough time for exercise, activities with family and friends, reading, and quilting.

Short Term Learning Goals (3 – 6 months)

1.  Goal:  Deepen and broaden my digital toolkit to support my personal learning.

Measurement:  Self assessment of skill level and adoption level of digital tools

Possible Learning Methods:

    • courses
    • Jane Hart’s 10 Tools challenge
    • built-in help files
    • coaching from expert user

2.  Goal:  Deepen and broaden my competence in contemporary recruitment, benefits and compensation strategies and methodologies

Measurement:  Self assessment of skill level and application on the job

Possible Learning Methods:

    • SHRM website and courses
    • Books/manuals
    • Benefit/compensation consultants
    • Online HR Networks
    • Attendance at local HR groups

Time Commitment

I intend to spend 15 minutes in the early morning of each weekday and an additional hour each weekend focusing on my short term learning goals.


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