What have I learned today?

That’s a question that at my core I believe each of us needs to ask every day.

I know this, I believe this, and I advised several other people to do it yesterday.  But I haven’t gotten into the habit of doing it.  Why?

Time constraints is the first, obvious answer.  I am really, really busy these days.  But I continue to believe that people can make time for the things that are important to them.  So is it not so important to me?  Yes, it is!  As a results-oriented person, I strongly desire to be effective and do consistently excellent work, and as a reflective person I’m always asking  “What have I accomplished today?”  I’m used to assessing my own work and wondering how I could do better.  I know that learning new stuff is an absolute requirement for sustainable accomplishment.

That leaves me with what I think is the right answer.  I just haven’t made it a habit yet.  Posting here should help.  I’ve already learned a ton about SmartSheet – one of my Top Ten Tools – this morning and I’m not even dressed yet.

More later.  Maybe not every day.  But I promise myself to make it a habit.


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