Recycling a Blog

I’m interested in portfolios – both for illustrating my work for possible employers/clients and for creating a space to witness my own learning.  So I took an online workshop with Jane Hart of the Social Learning Centre in the UK about creating a Professional Learning Portfolio as a way to organize self-directed learning.

It made sense.  Define your long and short term objectives, identify possible learning methods and ways to measure progress, and then make a time commitment.  Narrate your progress and invite others to collaborate in your learning.

But where to start?  I explored several of the tools introduced in the workshop and even started a portfolio on WordPress using a template Jane created for workshop participants.  Nothing felt right.  Then I remembered this blog that I’d created a few years ago, and how using it had helped me learn exponentially more in that course than any other in my master’s program.  I re-read my posts and comments from classmates and re-ignited many ideas and insights I’d gained.  After adding a few pages and posts, this was the start of my PLP.

Now I’m ready to share – with my fellow PLP workshop participants and Jane’s 10 Tool challenge, with any professional colleagues who are interested in the ride, and even at work where I want to demonstrate how self directed could work.


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