The Food Network, my PLN, and my brand

One of the few TV shows I watch fairly regularly is The Next Food Network Star.  Aspiring TV chefs compete on their cooking skills as well as their personality and presentation potential; the winner is chosen to host an entertaining and educational cooking show.

One of the criteria the judges use to separate the potential stars from the pack is the candidate’s point of view.  Some contestants are all over the place.  One great chef lost points early in this season because he sometimes presented himself as “Mama’s Boy” and other times as “Vegas Vic.”  The judges explained that viewers want a consistent, predictable point of view.  The winner had a consistent point of view all season:  “Every sandwich a meal, every meal a sandwich.”  I’m sure he could cook many other dishes than sandwiches, but his clear point of view helped his audience understand and accept him.

Each of our guest speakers this semester had a distinct point of view that was reflected in her/his tweets, blogs and conversations with us.  I’ve been thinking that point of view is really critical to building my own brand so that I can add more value for the people in my PLN.

And I’ve also been thinking how cool it is to find nuggets of professional development in the most unexpected places.


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