Building and Being My “Brand”

One of the most helpful of the many ideas Cammy Bean shared with us last Friday was the idea that our public interactions on social media are actually building our “brand” which will shape the way our colleagues and potential clients and employers view us.  This is an exciting – and daunting – thought for me.

Historically, transparency hasn’t been a hallmark of most of the organization-centric places I’ve worked.  Executives say one thing in a meeting with their peers and another when communicating with the workforce.  Members of one department smile and profess to embrace goals of greater cooperation and collaboration in public settings, but back in the department return to a circle-the-wagons method of doing business.

One of my greatest strengths has always been the ability to view any situation from multiple sides.  My role in many organizations has been a behind-the-scenes coach; I’ve helped others to reconcile their views with those of others and build bridges in support of desired organizational outcomes.  But I’ve rarely taken the opportunity to put my thoughts and ideas so actively “out there” as I’ve had this summer in writing this blog, commenting on others, twittering, participating on discussion boards, etc.

My personal growth opportunity is to continue to gather information, thoughts and ideas from many disparate sources, and to start being more active and open in expressing my views.  I have a long way to go in building and leveraging my PLN, but Cammy and her ideas will be part of it.


One thought on “Building and Being My “Brand”

  1. I missed the meeting with Cammy Bean last week, and from the information that you have shared this week, I am sure that I missed out on a very good discussion.

    This summer, more than any time in recent memory, I have spent time thinking about my “brand,” though I am just getting used to the idea of labeling it as such. I agree with your “exciting—and daunting” observation. I also work in an organization that is very similar in many ways to what you describe. My challenge that has arrived fully-formed this summer is one in which I must reconcile my passive decisions about keeping professional, academic, and personal realms separated until and unless I have a reason to introduce a tool or idea that might work in one of the other environments. While I knew it wasn’t really working for me, it did help to preserve a sense of order in the “chaos” around me. I have lots of re-thinking to do–and in other ways, I realize that I have prepared for this moment all along.

    I also find that one of my greatest strength is that ability to move agilely from “big picture” to “fine detail” and that I am recognized for this skill has been affirming. (I used to think that everyone could do it, but for some reason chose not to.) This strength will serve us well as we move to the next stages of development. And being “out there” must be an integral part of it all. Anything worth is having is worth working for…and I believe that our desire and curiosity and our “big picture” thinking will ensure future success. Our networks and our minds have been stretched to fit the widening realms that stretch out before us. Exciting times ahead!

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