Learning Professionals as Curators

I want to share this great blog post about being a curator of knowledge:  http://www.danpontefract.com/?p=1047

High points for me:

1.  Curate – always be on the lookout for new knowledge, ideas and points of view.  I do consider myself a lifelong learner.  I’m already pretty good at this – and learning so much more through this class.

2.  Categorize – create your own dewy decimal system so you can organize what you learn.  I’m TERRIBLE at this.  In one ear and out the other.  Across the screen, buried somewhere in memory with no link to dig it up again.  Must get better at this…

3.  Communicate – share, share, share.  I’m pretty good at this, but as I get better at step 1 and mostly step 2 – and learn more tools to share with the right people quickly, I can get much better at this too.


6 thoughts on “Learning Professionals as Curators

  1. I am getting better at the categorizing part. Learning to scan info as it comes in. Not try to learn the content then but file it away for later. File can be to print it out to read, saving a copy on my computer (and hope google search will find it later) or put a note in my calendar with a link for later. Need to build my “outboard brain” better but coming to terms that can’t know it all but can know where to find it when I need it.

    ~ Kay

    • Yes, Kay – I think that outboard brain stuff is critical. One of my favorite resources on this is David Allen and his Getting Things Done approach. You get an input and ask: what’s the next action on this? Do it now? File for someday/maybe? Put a note in your task list or calendar? I get that and it works for me. But I want to figure out how to tag and organize all those random thoughts I’m getting from my readings, quotes that inspire me, nuggets from our class discussions and just things that pop into my head so I can find them someday. Maybe a bit more organized than hoping for Google search to work. A personal knowledge management system if you will.

  2. I would add another “C”– Contextualize… not in an overly didactic-teachery sort of way.. but in a way that will help with a retrieval-on-demand sort of way.. My paper files and other resources have gotten completely out of hand. I used to have a phenomenal memory, but I suppose I’ve been putting too much in these days.. It’s not so easy as it used to be. 🙂

    • Maybe that’s what the PLN could be – a way to Curate, Categorize, Contextualize and Communicate. Edward and I had to do a presentation on Constructivism in our 671 class this evening – so I’ve got that concept in my short term memory. We need to help others – and ourselves – to construct new knowledge and build new concepts by integrating the new stuff with the old stuff. So here’s another C. Two more and we could write a book about Sailing the Seven Cs of Knowledge… If we iPublish, we could be iAuthors and further contribute to the amateurization of the profession. Is that a good thing or a bad one?

  3. No! Silly me, I’m just using backs of envelopes that get tossed out with the trash or random word documents I have a hard time trying to find. I had to dump Google desktop. Checking out those systems is going on my task list TODAY! My priority would be to find one that works with my iPhone.

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