10 Tools Challenge

OK.  I love learning and I love digital tools.  So I’m accepting Jane Hart’s challenge to explore 10 tools this year that will help me build continuous learning into my day-to-day work and give me “inspiration for tackling learning, performance or productivity problems in new ways.”

Here’s a link to the challenge: http://www.c4lpt.co.uk/blog/2013/01/08/take-the-10-tools-challenge/

I had started a similar initiative as part of my Social Learning course at UMBC, so I dusted off that list, added a few tools that I’m sure could help me in my current job, and reviewed Jane’s list of other tools.  I’m attaching a spreadsheet here that I intend to keep updated through the year by adding new tools and tracking my progress.

For now, I’m focusing on three tools:  the operating system for my Mac, since I still am having some productivity issues in moving from a PC; LinkedIn to expand my PLN and gain more HR connections; and WordPress so that I can better organize and use this blog.

10 Tools Challenge


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