About this blog

This is a blog originally created as part of my coursework in EDUC689:  Instructional Design for Informal Learning in the ISD MA program at UMBC during the summer of 2011. That course stimulated my interest in informal learning and the use of social tools to enhance personal and organizational development.  As a result of a workshop on developing a Professional Learning Portfolio with Jane Hart at the Social Learning Centre in December 2012 – January 2013, I decided to transform this blog into my Professional Learning Portfolio, both to narrate and make sense of my own learning, and to have a means to collaborate with others with similar interests.

I consider this a work in progress.  I am not sure what the final version will look like – or even if there will be a final version.  I have another portfolio site, created as part of a project for UMBC, my now alma mater, as an example of how to meet our upcoming graduation requirement.  Here’s the link to that portfolio which has some work samples and a narration of my grad school journey:  http://christinehippleportfolio.weebly.com.

In my current professional job, I’m the Director of Human Resources at the University of Maryland Department of Emergency Medicine, where I’m working to establish a contemporary HR function that supports continued, sustainable growth by attracting, engaging, and supporting the most talented people.  While I bring considerable knowledge, skills, and personal characteristics to the job, I have much to learn.  My hope is that this PLP helps me do that, and may even help my colleagues develop their own PLPs.

I’m active in the Maryland Chapter of ASTD, and coordinate the Consultant’s Special Interest Group.  You can learn more at http://www.maryland.astd.org.

The header photos were all taken by me.  They include:

  • my friends and me at quilt camp, a twice yearly gathering where we eat, drink beer, and quilt all night at my brother’s hunting camp.  I’m the second one from the right.
  • the view from one of the hikes we took in Switzerland when we visited our daughter who was doing an environmental law fellowship in Geneva.
  • my dog Magic with a New York Beauty quilt I made for my niece, Jodi.
  • view of the ocean from the botanical garden on Kauai.
  • wooden buildings on the harbor in Bergen, Norway.
  • a Joshua tree in Joshua National Park.

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